The Top 10 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Credit: @jeshoots on UnSplash

There is no way around cleaning. Yes, it definitely takes up energy and time, but we all know that it has to be done! A clean space means a clear mind – despite the effort it takes, we can all agree that we feel miles better after it’s been done.

Life can get busy. Guests book serviced accommodation to escape their day-to-day lives and achieve a small slice of peace and quiet to relax and recharge. Their mood mirrors their experience.

Did you remember to clean behind the fridge?

What about in the gaps between the stair bannisters?

Small things that you might miss now and again, they could definitely pick up on! Each spec of dust can have a negative impact on their experience at your otherwise beautifully presented accommodation.

For us at Smart Sparkle, our clients and their guests always come first. We are here for when you feel overwhelmed with other jobs and need fantastic and reliable cleaners to give your accommodation the Smart Sparkle treatment!

So besides saving you precious time and energy, what are some other benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service?

1. Deeper Cleaning

It doesn’t matter how hard your scour, how thoroughly you brush, or how much you spray, there will still always be nooks and crannies that are just too difficult to clean!

Using a professional cleaning service means that your accommodation will always be cleaned as deeply and as thoroughly as possible. You and your guests deserve the best! We will tackle the tough tasks of grout, tiling, carpets and windows while you just reap the rewards!

2. Professional Equipment

You can get a sponge or a mop from the local shop, but you can’t get the same clean from professional grade equipment used by our cleaners at Smart Sparkle!

Better tools do a better job – don’t worry about trying to replace equipment last minute – we’re always prepped and ready for any job!

3. Never Running Out of Supplies

As well as equipment, you will never have to worry about running out of supplies either! No need to squeeze the last drops out of empty bottles of bleach, or trying to clean counters with remnants of multi-purpose spray. Our cleaners always turn up to their jobs fully prepared!

4. Peace of Mind

Our cleaners remember fully stocked supplies, working-order equipment and not to mention memorising each and every aspect of your accommodation that needs the Smart Sparkle treatment!

Sit back, relax and stop worrying about forget to do certain things: we have it all in hand!

5. Saving Money Long-Term

Using Smart Sparkle means saving money in the long-term. Why? Save costs on replacing cleaning supplies, save money on replacing pieces of furniture that perhaps haven’t been cleaned properly, save money on replacing worn carpets that haven’t been treated properly.

Our team’s sparkle skills allow you to squeeze extra life out of each and every aspect of your accommodation – cherishing and protecting the things that mean the most.

6. Healthy Environment

Over time, neglected aspects of accommodations can begin to breed mould and dust that can have negative impacts on your health and those of your guests.

Scheduling a regular professional cleaning service will ensure that dust and mould doesn’t get the chance to develop, thus protecting you and your guests. We catch it before it starts!

7. Fully-Trained Staff

No five-minute hacks here! We are a sparkling team of fully-trained staff with years of experience tacking the difficult and the mundane.

You can relax knowing that everything is taken care of by a team who know what they’re doing! Speaking of relaxing…

8. Extra Free Time

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have some extra free time on your hands! Think of all the things you’ve been itching to get done, but keep getting sidetracked by cleaning duties…

Got it?

Now imagine all those duties floating away: loot how much extra time you have! What is the first thing you’re going to do with your new found freedom? As long as it’s not picking up a hoover – we’re all for it!

9. Reliable Results

Hiring a professional cleaning service produces reliable results. Cleaners come at the same time every day or week or month – cleaning the same rooms with the same techniques, each time leaving it just as Smart Sparkly as it was the last time.

This reliability is what we pride ourselves on. When you hire Smart Sparkle, expect consistent results with reliable sparkle!

10. Your Guests Come First

We know that you pride yourself on offering the best service and high quality accommodation to your guests, and we pride ourselves on offering you AND your guests the highest quality cleaning and organising.

We know what we’re good at. No – GREAT at. We think your guests deserve a beautiful clean space to fully relax and recharge.

We offer transparent pricing and high quality service. We use effective cleaning methods performed by staff with years of training and skill.

Why not give us a try? You won’t regret it!

Credit: @sarahdorweiler on UnSplash

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